Acute adenoiditis

Acute adenoiditis

Fig.1: Endoscopic image of acute adenoiditis

The diagnosis of acute adenoiditis is difficult, as its clinical picture resembles that of the common cold and acute bacterial rhinosinusitis. An endoscopic examination of the nose and nasopharynx provides important help in the differential diagnosis of these diseases.

The clinical picture presents with varying degrees of pharyngodynia and dysphagia, nasal obstruction with purulent nasal discharge, slurred speech, snoring and purulent postnasal discharge. The patient presents with fever, headache and malaise, and cervical lymphadenopathy is often present.

During the endoscopic examination, the presence of strongly swollen, reddened adenoid growths, obstructing the nasal funnels, as well as purulent postnasal secretions is found.

The treatment includes taking antibiotic treatment based on the instructions of the attending physician and a nasal decongestant. Taking plenty of fluids, anti-inflammatory/anti-inflammatory drugs, good oral hygiene and rest are essential complementary/supportive treatment measures.

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