Medical operations at the level of ENT clinic


  1. Otoscopy / Diagnosis of otological problems
  2. Ear cleaning from alveolar plug – Ear washing
  3. Collection of exudate for microbiological examination
  4. Tympanometry
  5. Reflex control of the stirrup muscle
  6. Acoustic test – Audiogram
  7. Investigation of vertigo assistance - Therapeutic treatment, with otolith repositioning manipulations
  8. Investigation of tinnitus
  9. Foreign body removal
  10. Ear biopsy
  11. Intratympanic drug infusion
  12. Myringotomy
  13. Installation of ventilation tubes
  14. Type I tympanoplasty


  1. Rhinoscopy with fiberoptic means
  2. Investigation of allergic rhinitis
  3. Performing SPT's (sleep skin tests), for investigation
    allergy symptoms
  4. Investigation of chronic rhinitis, sinusitis and nasal polyps
  5. Investigation of nasal breathing difficulty
  6. Treatment of hypertrophy of the lower sinuses
  7. Investigation of olfactory disorders (hyposmia, anosmia, parosmia, etc.)
  8. Treatment of epistaxis / epistaxis, with anterior or posterior
    plugging, cauterization of vessels, surgical ligation of vessels
  9. Removal of nasal foreign bodies (nasal stones, foreign bodies, etc.)
  10. Reduction of nasal fractures
  11. Opening of nasal septum abscesses/hematomas
  12. Maxillary sinus puncture, with trocar, to obtain material for microbiological examination


  1. Taking a biopsy of minor salivary glands, for identification
    rheumatological diseases
  2. Catheterization of ducts of major salivary glands
  3. Removal of sialoliths intraorally
  4. Investigation of chronic sialadenitis
  5. Investigation of major and minor salivary gland tumors
  6. Opening and drainage of odontogenic abscesses-abscesses of the mouth
  7. Surgical treatment of mucoceles / hemangiomas
  8. Temporomandibular joint syndrome investigation
  9. Reduction of mandibular dislocation


  1. Investigation of chronic tonsillitis
  2. Removal of tonsil stones
  3. Biopsy of hypertrophic tonsil
  4. Investigation of adenoid hypertrophy (meatballs)
  5. Investigation of Snoring – Sleep Apnea Syndrome
  6. Peritonsillar and lateral pharyngeal opening and drainage
  7. Dysphagia Investigation – Perform FEES (Fibroscopic Evaluation of Swallowing)
  8. Inspection of the hypopharynx with fiberoptic means


  1. Investigation of acute dysphonia (voice larynx) with fiberoptic means
  2. Investigation of chronic voice disorders (vocal cord nodules,
    polyps, granulomas, etc.)
  3. Diagnosis and treatment of laryngeal papillomas
  4. Laryngeal biopsy
  5. Removal of foreign bodies in the larynx


  1. Investigation of cervical lymphadenopathy
  2. Lymph node biopsy
  3. Investigation of midline and lateral cervical triangle tumors
  4. Surgical treatment of tracheodermal / other fistulas


  1. Removal of benign and malignant lesions of the head and neck (nevus, epitheliomas, etc.)

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